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Tiffany lamp have always symbolized originality, style and elegance. The key to its popularity has been and still is, the warm colors, the original motives and the solid production. Nowadays the lamps are produced in thousands of different designs, shapes, colors and qualities and are sold worldwide. All have one thing in common: colorful lampshades that glow with warm pleasant light.

Tiffany lamps were created not only to illuminate rooms, but also to be a beautiful decoration of the interior. The lamps enrich the room's decor and create an unique style.

About the motifs and patterns

Hundreds of templates allows for a variety of designs and sizes. Most of the designs are inspired by nature and are focused on flowers, insects and animals. There are also a variety of geometric motifs. For example, several lamps are created in Jugend style.

About Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933)

It was Louis Comfort Tiffany, a well known American artist, who is the creator of these colorful glass lamps. Originally, he was painter, but at the age of 27 he became interested in glass art. He wanted to create a lamp shade with colored glass for the "new electric light", which was significantly stronger than that obtained with kerosene lamps.

Tiffany’s works quickly became popular and he established a jewelry company which manufactured lamps, jewelry and porcelain. Louis Comfort Tiffany is known internationally as one of the foremost artists in glass art and Art Nouveau.

About the production process

The starting material in the production process is colored glass that are cut and shaped to fit into the work. Glass pieces are coated with copper foil and soldered together using a mixture of tin and lead. (For environmental reasons our lamps are soldered "lead free"). Previously this technique was used to produce colored windows, mainly in churches. Tiffany lamps were originally made entirely by hand but in modern times techniques have been developed to streamline the process, allowing for attractive prices for manually designed works.

Original and copies

The term “Tiffany lamps” is now used very widely and there is a lot of confusion about what is original and what is copy. The lamps can be divided into three categories:


1. Original Tiffany lamps: These were created in the Tiffany Studios in New York. Often they are labeled by number and signature on the bottom. The originals reach six figures in sales at antiques auctions in the United States.


2. Tiffany-reproductions: Lamps that are exact copies of the works made at Tiffany Studios. These lamps are priced at the U.S.market between 500-5000 U.S. dollars.

3. Lamps in Tiffany style are all the other lamps that are produced using the same technology as the original Tiffany lamps. These lamps come in a variety of shapes and styles and are produced in different countries. Generally speaking, these are considerably cheaper than the originals and reproductions.

All of the above categories is called in the vernacular for Tiffany Lamps

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Tack för det! Jag är jättenöjd och kommer nog att köpa flera för de var så otroligt fina. 

LBM354 Poppy, M.B/ Sverige, 2019-01-16

 The lamp arrived about an hour ago safe and sound, thanks to DHL. What a beautiful lamp, my wife is very happy!
LPM421 Oak E. T. / Estonia 2018-11-15

Pied lampadaire bien reçu. Merci...
LGM421 Lamp base N. B. France / 2018-10-12

(...)die Lampe ist heute angekommen und sehr schön. Vielen Dank für die schnelle Liefer
LBM103 Dalia H. V. / Deutschland 2018-02-14

(...)Lampan var jättefin.
LCL330 Dragonfly L.J. / Sverige, 2018-02-16 

(...) alla lampor hela. Alla lampor funkar. Bra emballage. Bra leverans. Kom till Tyrolen på Liseberg i Göteborg och se dem på plats i sommar ️
LBL101 Heritage H. S. / Sverige, 2017-03-12

  Vi har faktisk mottatt lampene i dag og de er kjempefine.
LTM062 Dark Wood E.S / Norge 2015-03-20

 die Lampe ist heute gut eingetroffen. Es ist alles in Ordnung.
LCM082 Monterey, C.V / Deutschland 2015-03-02

Recibido hoy el pedido de la lampara tiffany dragonfly. Todo muy bien y muy bonita. Muchas gracias.
LBS077 Dragonfly E.M.V / Espana 2015-02-20 

Lampa dotarła, podoba się zapewne skorzystam jeszcze z waszej galerii produktów,
LBM555 Pansy A.B/Rewal Polska 2014-02-19